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Table Grapes Processing Line

The purpose of the line is the processing and initial sorting of grapes. The line consists of:

  • A conveyor belt, which carries the crates with the grapes to the workbenches.
  • A second conveyor belt, which carries the boxes filled with grapes to the exit of the line, just below the first one.
  • Workbenches with slanted decks, where the operator leaves the crate during the working-cycle.
  • Empty box benches, where empty boxes are placed, and provide easy access to the operator.
  • Auxiliary benches, along both sides of the line.
  • Rejected product belts, located along the line, under the workbenches, and is used to transport rejected products out of the processing line.
  • Slanted decks with an electronic weighing system, which weigh the filled boxes, then are tilted and divert the boxes to the second belt which carries them to the end of the line for further processing.

The line’s work cycle is as follows:

  • The crate of grapes is placed on elevator which transports it to the top belt.
  • The operator picks up a box from the empty box counter and places it on the auxiliary bench located next to him.
  • After the crate reaches operator’s workbench via the upper conveyor belt, the operator places it on the slanted deck in front of him.
  • The operator then sorts, filling the empty box with grapes, and places the rejected grapes in the rejected products belt.
  • The filled box is placed on the scaling stand, which after weighing, tilts and leads the box to the bottom belt, which transports it to the end of the line for further processing.

The frame of the machine is made of sheet metal. The interior parts that come in contact with the fruit, as well as the auxiliary benches are made of stainless steel. The belts are made of PVC.

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