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Double in feed belt

The double-feed conveyor belt is a versatile machine with a wide use possibility since it can be a part of almost every fruit and vegetable processing line. It’s objective is to divert incoming fruits and vegetable into two exits, for further processing according to the operator’s needs.

The machine is designed to be a part of a more complex processing line for packaging and/or sorting products. The machine is run through switches on the electric board. Part movements are automated.

The machine consists of the following:

  • Product entry point.
  • Conveyor belts.
  • Product exit points.

The normal work cycle is as follows:

  • The products are fed onto the conveyor belts through the entry point.
  • Depending on operator’s needs, each exit can be blocked with a guiding bar, if for any reason one of them is not to be used.

The products exit through the ends of the conveyor belts for further processing.

The external parts of the machine are constructed by assembling painted structural steel framework and plates, welded and/or bolted. The machine’s stands are height adjustable.

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