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Water Tank with Elevator

The purpose of the water tank-elevator machine is to feed and transport products from their storage containers (pallet boxes) to the processing line. The machine consists of the following:

  • The special forklift pickup forks, the purpose of which is to submerge the pallet box into the tank.
  • The water pump, which fills the tank with water, and regulates its flow & circulation.
  • The tank, the purpose of which is to store water.
  • The elevator.
  • The elevator motor, which regulates its motion.

Τhe purpose of the machine is fulfilled by the following procedure:

  • Initially, the product pallet box is submerged into the water tank, where the products are released due to buoyancy and float on the surface of the water.
  • Then the products, due to the circulation of water in the tank, are pushed towards the elevator, which is installed on the side of the tank.
  • Finally, the products latch onto the rollers of the elevator which, with their rotational and translational motion, trap and transport the products from the tank to the end of the elevator, for further processing.

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