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The elevator is a specially designed machine consisting of rollers, used for fruit processing. The purpose of the elevator is to transport products from one place to another, between different heights. It is meant to be a part of a more complex processing line for packaging and/or sorting products. The machine starts running and operates through switches on the electric board. Part movements are automated.

Machine general breakdown:

  • The external parts of the machine are constructed from painted structural steel framework and plates, welded and/or bolted.
  • The internal parts that come in contact with the product are made of stainless steel.
  • The machine’s stands are height adjustable.
  • The loading hopper is lined with an elastic material in order to protect the processed products from bruising.
  • The diameter of the rollers is Φ48 and the material used is subject to product requirements. Usually used materials are: PVC, Metal, Aluminium Alloy and INOX.

Product transporting speed can be adjusted mechanically or electrically through an Inverter.

The normal work cycle is as follows:

  • The operator feeds the loading hopper with products.
  • The products roll onto the incline roller elevator, where the moving line of rollers rotates them in such a way, giving the operator the ability to perform small-scale sorting, if desired.

The products are then transported to the end of the roller section for further processing

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