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Applicable for packing various bigger size solid regular objects, such as instant noodle, biscuits, bread, moon cake, medicine, commodity, hardware, toys, or loose product loaded by box /tray, etc.


Standard Features:

1.          The machine is controlled by PLC with LCD touch screen -

2.          High sensitive electrical-optical tracing system can be set at your request.

3.          With special design bag former, Easily adjust packing size

4.          Safety protect function

5.          Double frequency inverter control the speed and bag length.


Optional Parts:

1.          Solid ink date code printer.

2.          Sealing jaw with hole punching device.

3.          Versione Inox AISI 304

Technical Package:

Bag Size Length (mm) 120-450 Width (mm) 50-200  Height (mm) 5-80

Capacity (Bags/Min.) 35-150
Total Power (kw) 3.0
Film Width (mm) Max. 600
Machine Weight (kg)1000
Dimension (L*W*H) (mm) 4200x1090x1750

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